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Use this guide for must-know info about living, building, or setting up shop in Waverly.

The Town of Waverly’s council, planning commission, and zoning board of adjustments meet monhtly to consider and review business, development, and other community activities that directly affect the residents of the town. Ordinances, applications, and information about emergency services information are provided below for the convenience of current and prospective Waverly citizens. Meeting minutes are available upon request by contacting Town Hall.

Ordinances, Permits & Applications


Each person, firm or corporation engaged in any business, trade, or profession, or keeping or carrying on any establishment or other things, or doing any act as specified in the town’s business license ordinance within the corporate limits of the Town of Waverly, is required to apply for and pay an annual license as specified in the ordinance’s fee schedule.

Planning & Zoning

The Zoning Ordinance of the Town of Waverly, Alabama, as adopted by the Town Council upon recommendation of the Waverly Planning Commission, provides for:

  • The establishment of zoning districts within the town’s corporate limits
  • Procedures for amendments to the ordinance and zoning map
  • Regulations for the height and size of structures, the size of yards and open spaces, and the use of buildings, structures, and land
  • Requirements for off-street parking and loading
  • The administration and enforcement of the Zoning Ordinance and penalties for violation
  • The establishment of the Zoning Board of Adjustment (ZBA)
  • Procedures for Variances, Special  Exceptions, and appeals related to the Zoning Ordinance

The Official Zoning Map of the Town of Waverly is a part of the Ordinance, along with any map amendments. These documents are certified by the signature of the Mayor and attested by the Town Clerk, including applicable dates.

All property owners within the Town of Waverly must apply for and receive a Zoning Permit before undertaking any construction activities, which shall include site preparation and excavation for the construction of new buildings (including accessory or temporary structures); moving any structures onto a property; relocating existing structures on a property; alteration or repair activity that will change the size of the structure on the property. The permit process allows the Zoning Official to establish compliance with the Zoning Ordinance prior to the commencement of construction activities.

The Official Comprehensive Plan of Waverly is a detailed document that highlights and underscores policies and procedures that are born of the council, zoning, and planning committee meetings.

Subdivision Regulations

Property owners in the Town of Waverly who wish to subdivide property within the Town and within the Town’s extraterritorial planning jurisdiction must complete a subdivision application form. The Town of Waverly Planning Commission has established subdivision regulations as a working manual for the town and subdivider.

Emergency Services

Waverly’s location in the corner of Chambers, Lee, and Tallapoosa counties means that using the 911 emergency system activates a response from the county services provider in which the call is generated.

  • If you live in Lee County, 911 will dispatch an ambulance from Opelika, which is closest to Waverly.
  • If you are in Chambers or Tallapoosa counties, 911 will dispatch an ambulance from one of those two counties depending on which is applicable to you.
  • For an ambulance response from Opelika, residents of Chambers and Tallapoosa counties must contact their ambulance service directly at 334-749-8504.

Emergency Contact Numbers:


  • Lee County: 911
  • Chambers/Tallapoosa: 334-749-8504 (Ambulance)

Police / Fire

All Counties: 911

Poison Control

All counties: 911 or 1-800-462-0080

Storm Shelter

Waverly opens its storm shelter when a tornado watch is issued by the National Weather Service. The shelter is located behind the Pavilion and to the left of the Waverly Community Center. There are signs on Patrick Street indicating where to turn for people traveling from both directions. No pets are allowed in the shelter.

Garbage Service

Garbage pickup service in the Town of Waverly depends on which county you are located. Lee County residents should contact the Lee County Environmental Services department at 334-737-7013. You can visit Lee County at  for more information. Chambers County residents should contact Amwaste at 334-625-1700 or you can visit: .

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