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Town Government

Meet the members of Waverly’s town council, planning commission, and zoning board of adjustments.

Town Council

Mayor Taylor Melzer

Mayor Pro Temp Randy Cerovsky

Councilman Ryan Blair

Councilman Mark Cowhick

Councilman Steven Tapley

Councilman Tony Overfelt

Waverly Town Clerk Amy Stewart

Planning Commission

Chairman Dan Hilyer

Mayor Taylor Melzer

Dan Padgett

Scott Fowler

Tiffany Rhyne

Matt Humphry

Councilman Tony Overfelt

Barbara Steele

Amy Stewart

Zoning Board of Adjustments

Chairman Doug Marshall

Kathy Overfelt

Carolyn Stubbs

Dan Hilyer

Lynn Hammond

Mitzi Groom

Summer Humphry

Zoning Enforcement Officer

J.R. Smith